Peer Workforce Development

DCHA values the peer recovery coaches that help support our efforts in the fight against opioid addiction. The purpose of this page is to support the workforce development of Peer Recovery Coaches in the District by providing online trainings, webinars, and resources at no-cost. Many of the resources were recommended by the DC Department of Behavioral Health and include content from our partners across the District.  New content will be added every month. For questions, email Eden Cunningham or Julie Gonzalez.

Tips for Coping with Grief After Community Violence

Grief is a natural response to an incident of community violence. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provided tips that can help individuals cope with grief, including:

  • Talking to others who understand and respect how you feel, and people you trust
  • Recognize that although you might still have these feelings over a long period, they will likely be less and less intense over time
  • Make sure to exercise and eat healthy meals
  • Do the things that you used to enjoy doing, even if you don’t always feel like it
  • Get back into your routines
  • Allow yourself to feel joy at times and to cry when you need to

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