Refer Your Seriously Ill Clients to Food & Friends and Improve Healthcare Outcomes

By Jennifer Hirt posted 19 days ago


Refer Your Seriously Ill Clients to Food & Friends and Improve Healthcare Outcomes 

Food & Friends has more than 30 years of experience delivering medically tailored meals to clients living with chronic or serious illnesses. Their registered dietitians and chefs have developed 12 specialized meal plans that cover the dietary needs patients require. But you may be surprised to know that Food & Friends has a team of community dietitians who provide personalized nutrition counseling and meal plans to directly address each client’s nutritional needs.

“We welcome each client with personal attention and compassion. As more patients return to regularly scheduled healthcare visits, Food & Friends stands ready to deliver medically tailored meals and nutrition services for those who are diagnosed with a serious illness,” says Phyllis Givens, MPH, Client Services Director. 

Referring a client is an easy process that can be completed by your patients or their caregivers in a few minutes. Hospitals and health systems can also partner with Food & Friends to bring the benefits of their evidence-based, home-delivered meal interventions and one-on-one nutrition counseling to their patients. 

Qualifying illnesses include HIV/AIDS, cancer, poorly controlled diabetes, stage 5 renal disease, congestive heart failure (NYHA class III or IV), chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder “COPD” (stage III or IV), multiple sclerosis (RRPS, SPMS, PPMS), ALS (middle or late stages), Parkinson’s (Stage III, IV or V), and Cystic Fibrosis.

More information on the referral process. 

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