About Us

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jacqueline D. Bowens

Jacqueline D. Bowens is the President and Chief Executive Officer of DCHA and a member of the Association’s Board of Directors. She manages the budget, staff and programs, and is responsible for legislative advocacy of the Association. Jacqueline is the primary liaison with the Federal and District governments, the business community, and the American Hospital Association. 

Phone: 202-682-1581

Vice President 
Public Policy & External Affairs

Justin J. Palmer, MPA

Justin J. Palmer oversees activities relating to the District of Columbia government and Capitol Hill with responsibility for the development of Association positions on health care policy matters. Mr. Palmer currently oversees the Association’s patient safety initiatives, data programs, communication operations in addition to government relations & grassroots advocacy programs.  He also supports the President & CEO in activities related to DCHA operations. He staffs the Government Relations/Financial Policy and Human Resources committees. 

Phone: 202-289-6212

Vice President
Operations & Fiscal Affairs

Aarti Subramanian

Aarti Subramanian oversees health payment policy issues for the major payors in the District (Medicare, Medicaid-FFS and MCO, Blue Cross), including health care funding and marketplace development, contracting, payment policy, disproportionate share, hospital reimbursement, pay-for-performance and managed care for both Medicaid and Medicare. She is responsible for the administrative and fiscal activities of the Association including business office management and planning, grants management, human resources management, vendor relations, budgetary support, and coordination of special events with the President. Her responsibilities include a variety of other activities including staffing DCHA's Operations and Finance Committee and participating in the American Hospital Association, and State Hospital Association finance, policy and CFO groups. 

Phone: 202-289-4925

Assistant Vice President
Patient Safety & Quality Operations

Gayle Michelle Olano Hurt, MPA, CPHQ, PMC

Gayle Michelle Olano Hurt is responsible for overseeing the Association’s activities related to patient safety and health care quality. She also oversees the Association’s data analytics operation. Ms. Hurt provides staff support for the DCHA Quality and Behavioral Health Collaboratives, as well as the  Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer Committees. 

Phone: 202-289-4924

Senior Director
Communications & Member Engagement

Jennifer Hirt, MPA

Jennifer Hirt is responsible for the Association’s communications and member programs and helps disseminate the important work of member hospitals to the media, opinion leaders, influencers, decision makers and consumers. She also serves as a key communications ambassador for the work of DCHA to its members and prospective members. 

Phone: 202-682-1584

Patient Safety

Brendan Sinatro, MPH

Brendan Sinatro is responsible for activities related to raising patient safety and health care quality levels across member hospitals. He provides staff support for the Infectious Disease/Infection Control and the Quality and Patient Safety, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer Committees.

Phone: 202-289-6231

Senior Manager
Public Policy & Community Engagement

Yolette Gray, MPH, CHES

Yolette Gray is responsible for providing leadership, support and execution in public policy development, research, community engagement, government relations and grassroots advocacy. She also provides assistance and leadership in the Association’s strategic planning and policy development process with emphasis on the anticipated impact of external issues and their impact on hospital and associate members. 

Phone: 202-682-1586

Health Data Analyst

Annette Kotna

Annette Kotna is responsible for data exploration, analytics and reporting in support of priorities for improvement and strategic goals. She provides support through participation in the identification, collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting of industry data, statistics, and related information for the Association’s quality and patient safety collaborative efforts.

Phone: 202-682-1585

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Senior Operations Coordinator

Brenda Watson

Brenda Watson is the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Senior Operations Coordinator.

Phone: 202-289-6213

Project Coordinator

Eden Cunningham, MPH, CPH

Eden Cunningham is responsible for fostering the work of the Association and the Association’s members through coordination of quality and patient safety related grant deliverables and liaison activities in support of priorities for improvement in positive health outcomes for patients, staff, and the community.

Phone: 202-682-1585

Epidemiologist Associate

Nancy Donegan, MPH, RN

Nancy Donegan is responsible for activities related to epidemiological studies, research and data.

Phone: 202-682-1585