About Us

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jacqueline D. Bowens

Jacqueline D. Bowens is the President and Chief Executive Officer of DCHA and a member of the Association’s Board of Directors. She oversees the budget, staff and programs, and is responsible for legislative advocacy of the Association. Jacqueline is the primary liaison with the Federal and District governments, the business community, and the American Hospital Association. She leads a team that is responsible for fiscal business, operations, patient quality and safety, communications, community engagement, grants and legislative relations.

  • Governance
  • Financial Performance & Viability
  • Organization Mission & Strategy
  • Organization Operations
  • Health Care Landscape & Industry Developments
  • Stakeholder, Government & Public Communications

Phone: 202-682-1581

Vice President 
Public Policy & External Affairs

Justin J. Palmer, MPA

Justin J. Palmer oversees activities relating to the District of Columbia government and Capitol Hill with responsibility for the development of Association positions on health care policy matters. Mr. Palmer currently oversees the Association’s government relations & grassroots advocacy programs in addition to communications operations.  He also supports the President & CEO in activities related to DCHA operations. 

  • Health Care Policy
  • Legislative Relations
  • External Affairs
  • DCHA Committees: Advocacy & Public Policy and Human Resources

Phone: 202-289-6212  |  Email: jpalmer@dcha.org

Assistant Vice President
Finance & Operations

John Norman, DHA

John Norman oversees the administrative and fiscal activities of the Association including business office management and planning, grants management, human resources management, vendor relations, budgetary support, and financial coordination of special events with the President. John staffs the DCHA Board of Directors Finance Committee and ensures engagement and facilitation of hospital and member CFOs, COOs and other key financial and operational staff on key priorities and emerging issues through staff leadership of the DCHA Finance and Operations Committee.

  • Executive Support
  • Financial Operations
  • General Office Management
  • HR Administration

Phone: 202-289-4925  |  Email: jnorman@dcha.org

Assistant Vice President
Patient Safety & Quality Operations

Gayle Michelle Olano Hurt, MPA, CPHQ, PMC

Gayle Michelle Olano Hurt is responsible for overseeing the Association’s activities related to patient safety and health care quality. She also oversees the Association’s data analytics operation.

  • Grant Leadership
  • Patient Safety & Quality Summit
  • DCHA Committees: Quality Collaborative, Behavior Health Collaborative, Physician Leaders, Care Coordination & Chief Nursing Officers

Phone: 202-289-4924  |  Email: ghurt@dcha.org

Senior Director
Communications & Member Engagement

Jennifer Hirt, MPA

Jennifer Hirt is responsible for the Association’s communications and member programs and helps disseminate the important work of member hospitals to the media, opinion leaders, influencers, decision makers and consumers. She serves as a key communications ambassador for the work of DCHA to its members and prospective members. Jennifer manages DCHA's events and brand by ensuring DCHA delivers positive experiences through all of our touch points. 

  • Communications
  • Publications
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Events
  • Member & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Media Relations
  • DCHA Committee: Communications
Phone: 202-682-1584  |  Email: jhirt@dcha.org

Emergency Management

Brendan Sinatro, MPH

Brendan Sinatro, MPH, oversees the activities designed to elevate the preparedness, response and recovery capabilities of the DC Hospitals through the DCHA Emergency Management Committee.  Brendan is responsible for the grant management of the Hospital Preparedness Program. Brendan also serves as the Preparedness Association Liaison for DCHA to further support advocacy efforts on behalf of the hospitals and optimize information sharing across all DC Health and Medical Coalition stakeholders. 

  • Grant Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Emergency Planning, Training & Exercise Development

Phone: 202-578-0457  |  Email: bsinatro@dcha.org

Senior Manager
Public Policy & Community Engagement

Yolette Gray, MPH, CHES, PM-LPC

Yolette Gray is responsible for providing leadership, support and execution in public policy development, research, community engagement, government relations and grassroots advocacy. She also provides assistance and leadership in the Association’s strategic planning and policy development process with emphasis on the anticipated impact of external issues and their impact on hospital and associate members. 

  • Community Relations & Engagement
  • Public Policy
  • Community Service Projects
  • Grant Research & Reporting

Phone: 202-682-1586  |  Email: ygray@dcha.org

Health Data Analyst

Annette Kotna

Annette Kotna is responsible for data exploration, analytics and reporting in support of priorities for improvement and strategic goals. She provides support through participation in the identification, collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting of industry data, statistics, and related information for the Association’s quality and patient safety collaborative efforts.

  • Utilization Indicators Report
  • Data Analytics
  • Grant Analytics & Reporting
  • Hospital and Vendor Data Requests

Phone: 202-682-1585  |  Email: akotna@dcha.org

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Senior Operations Coordinator

Brenda Watson

Brenda Watson is the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Senior Operations Coordinator. Brenda works with the Board of Directors, leads office operations, coordinates internal and external meetings and serves as the association liaison to hospital executive assistants.

  • Office Operations
  • Board Communications
  • Meeting Management

Phone: 202-289-6213  |  Email: bwatson@dcha.org

Patient Safety & Quality Initiatives Manager

Eden Cunningham, MPH, CPH

Eden Cunningham is responsible for fostering the work of the Association and the Association’s members through coordination with and support of the Quality Collaborative and Core Committees. Eden facilitates discussions and provides a forum for sharing information and identifying solutions around various quality initiatives. In collaboration with the committees, she works to evaluate quality stories to share the successes, improvements and achievements within our member hospitals.

  • Quality Collaborative
  • Core Committees (IDIP, Care Coordination, Physician Leaders, Nurse Leaders)
  • Grant Deliverables
  • Data Review
  • Support for Opioid-Related Grants

Phone: 202-682-1585  |  Email: ecunningham@dcha.org

Project Coordinator

Elizabeth Abrams, MSPH

Elizabeth provides support for DCHA quality and patient safety-related grant initiatives. In this role, she convenes implementation planning discussions, serving as a liaison with grant partners including hospitals, technical assistants, and community-based organizations. Elizabeth also assists with data validation and reporting.

  • DC Opioid Response Grants: Emergency Department Medication Assisted Treatment Induction and Overdose Survivor Outreach Program
  • CRISP Health Information Exchange Grant
  • DCHA Opioid Taskforce, Opioid Response Symposium

Phone: 202-682-1585  |  Email: eabrams@dcha.org

Office Coordinator

Julie Gonzalez

Julie Gonzalez is responsible for providing administrative, research and coordinative support for the DCHA team. Julie assists with meetings, events, publications and special projects.

  • Meeting Management
  • Event Registration
  • Grant Project Assistance

Phone: 202-682-1581  |  Email: jgonzalez@dcha.org

Epidemiologist Associate

Nancy Donegan, MPH, RN

Nancy Donegan is responsible for activities related to epidemiological studies, research and data.

  • Utilization Indicator Reports
  • Data Analytics

Phone: 202-682-1585  |  Email: ndonegan@dcha.org