About Us


The District of Columbia Hospital Association is the unifying voice for hospitals and health systems in the District of Columbia and works to advance health policy to strengthen the District’s world-class health care system to ensure that it is equitable and accessible to all.


An efficient and effective health care delivery system that supports a healthy and vibrant community.


Trust: Trust is the foundation of DCHA, and our success depends on the mutual respect and strength of our relationships. Our engagement and services are built on a foundation of high standards that members and other stakeholders can trust. DCHA operates with honesty and fairness in all that we do.

Excellence: DCHA is committed to delivering the highest level of service. Our priorities are driven by the needs of our members and constituency groups.

Transparency: Our actions and decisions are transparent to foster collaboration, credibility and understanding of our mission, vision and goals.

Collaboration: DCHA and the hospital and health systems community understand that better results are achieved through cross-sector collaboration. We value true partnerships.

Courage: We are fearless and courageous in our thinking and advocacy to deliver the finest benefits to our members and communities.

Strategic Priorities

Influence Public Policy: Champion an advocacy agenda that promotes a friendly policy environment and mitigates harm.

Workforce: Drive innovative and sustainable workforce initiatives that meet the needs of an evolving health care delivery system.

Advance Health System Transformation: Shape policies and promote initiatives that best position DC hospitals to achieve measurable improvements in patient outcomes.

Build Public Confidence and Trust: Create an environment where DC hospitals are embraced as valued and indispensable partners with the community.

COVID-19 Leadership: Provide leadership and coordination to support health systems planning, response and recovery efforts.

Welcome to DCHA!